“Tired of the same old boring protein shake? We got tired of it too.”

Miami fitness guru Jessica Bigio, who is famous for her South Beach boot camps, began making healthy frozen treats for her clients to enjoy after a tiring workout. After a year of trial and error, numerous broken blenders, and many discarded batches, Jessica hit upon a unique consistency that was more like a food than a confection. Jessica’s clients loved it. Soon, they were begging for treats to give to their children and friends. Jessica began creating more flavors to the delight of everyone who tried them. The business had its first official sale in July 2014. Jessica’s husband, Facundo Sorroche, began helping out while Jessica worked her magic in the kitchen. Voila! Just Goodness is now the only treat of its kind on the planet.

Available in the Miami area



Go back to the innocence of child with the all-good protein of peanuts and almonds, lavished with the sweetness of strawberries and blueberries. No bread needed for this classic flavor combination, PB and Jessi Just Goodness is completely awesome and totally nutritious.



When life gets crazy, grab Crazy Elvis Just Goodness for a medley of real strawberries, bananas and peanut butter mixed up with the power of rice protein, almond milk and cocoa. It'll take you to the kingsfavorite flavors.



A good version of a sinful little cookie, Chocolate Macaroon Just Goodness is a nutrition powerhouse of vanilla whey protein mixed with real coconut, decadent cocoa, and real cherries and strawberries. It's so good to pretend to be a little bad.



The flavor of Miami is captured by Mango Madness Just Goodness in bold mango blended with exotic passion fruit with a smooth base of almond milk, vanilla, and whey protein. Creamy and sweet, this is a madly decadent indulgence with just 149 calories.



Guilt-free pleasure for chocoholics, Chocolate Cherry Just Goodness is a sensual blend of real cherries, cocoa, almond milk and whey prot combining silky smoothness with a satisfying crunchiness. Simple and straightforward, this is the answer to your deep chocolate cravings.




"Finally, you can say goodbye to sugary, high-carb snacks and grab a healthy treat under 200 calories."

JustGoodness is a health food treat that you keep in your freezer for the moments when you want and need a quick snack or meal-on-the-run. So if you care about your health (and the health of your family), Just Goodness is the fastest way to cut the edge off your hunger, restore your energy, and satisfy your soul.


"Jessica is always inventing new ways to have Just Goodness in your life. Be sure to ask about new seasonal Just Goodness frozen treats."

To order call: 786-520-6963
8:00 AM – 8 PM

JustGoodness frozen treats cost $5 apiece (including tax) or buy 10 and get the 11th free.


"JustGoodness delivers orders of six or more treats anywhere in Miami-Dade County at no charge."

Orders placed by 2 pm will be delivered the next day, anything else placed after will take 48 hours. You must be available to receive delivery in person, as the treats are frozen and perishable.

The Just Goodness Philosophy

"We didn't realize we were in business until two weeks after our first sale."

The name says it all. Just Goodness is about doing only good and having only goodness in life. This means living well and doing one's best to be healthy and active. It also means thinking good, positive thoughts. And, very important, it means nourishing the body with good foods that sustain a vibrant, happy lifestyle.

Facundo Sorroche

Facundo is a fitness trainer and avid competitive athlete who is an aficionado of body art. While Jessica is the master of the kitchen, Facundo has the task of handling the business aspect of things. Happily, Jessica rewards him with unlimited Just Goodness treats. He is also her lead taste tester and organizes the pop-up events that draw fans from all over Miami to the coolest gyms and restaurants.

Jessica Biglio

Jessica won her first cooking competition at the age of eight in her native New York City. Throughout her life, she has pursued three passions: cooking, nutrition, and fitness. After studying at CUNY New York City College of Technology and achieving credentials from the Interactive Fitness Trainers of America, Jessica became one of the top trainers in Miami. Just Goodness.

"Just Goodness frozen treats are appearing in the coolest gyms, restaurants, etc. around South Florida."



Just Goodness makes wholesome, all natural frozen treats that are free of horrible chemicals are low in sugar, carbs, and fat.

Just Goodness frozen treats are a great alternative to sugary desserts, but they are packed with protein and fiber. You can enjoy them at as a light meal at breakfast, lunch, dinner or any time in between.

Currently, Just Goodness delivers to the Miami area, including Miami Beach and Aventura south to Coral Gables.

Free delivery requires an order of 6 or more Just Goodness frozen treats. If you just want to try Just Goodness, stop by any of the stores that carry Just Goodness or attend a Popup Event.

Call Just Goodness at 786-520-6963 between or order online in the store.

All treats are $5 apiece including tax. Buy 10 treats and your 11th treat is FREE!

Orders placed by X PM will be delivered the next day or when it is convenient for you. Orders placed after X PM will be delivered within 48 hours.

Just Goodness frozen treats are delivered between X am and X pm, based on whatever time is convenient for you.

Just Goodness frozen treats are hand-delivered to your door (either home or office). Please have a freezer or ice-packed container ready because they must be frozen until enjoyed.

Just Goodness accepts major credits cards at the time you place your order

Just Goodness containers are paper and cannot be reused, but they should be included with your regular recycled items.

Yes, Just Goodness frozen treats are made to be good for you. Each 8-ounce (75 gram) serving is made from all natural ingredients and is low in sugar, fat, and carbs yet high in protein and fiber.

Yes, Absolutely Just Goodness frozen treats are kosher Certify

Just Goodness is sweetened naturally by fruits. Sometimes, all natural, zero-calorie sweeteners are also used, such as stevia (an herb), and a natural sugar alcohol (erythritol) that is derived from beets or sugar cane. It does not because the digestive upsets of other sugar alcohols like sorbitol or xylitol. It is available through specialty health food stores.

Just Goodness frozen treats do not contain added table sugar, corn syrup or other nutritionally empty sugars.

Absolutely. Each treat contains between 100 and 200 calories and is packed with protein and fiber. They are satisfying yet terrific for people who are on weight loss diets.

Yes, Just Goodness frozen treats are good for people on low-carb or low-fat diets. Each serving contains less than X grams net of total carbohydrates (less fiber and erythritol) and less than 10 milligrams of cholesterol – both less than 3% of the RDA

Just Goodness frozen treats contains only natural ingredients. That means no synthetic or artificial dyes, sweeteners, or flavors.

Each flavor is a little different. In general, Just Goodness uses plant-based proteins such as soy milk, hemp, and nuts. Some flavors use whey, a milk protein.

Just Goodness uses whole foods like nuts and fortifies some flavors with non-GMO soluble corn fiber.

Just Goodness contains no wheat or gluten. Some flavors contain whey, a milk protein, which is usually well tolerated by people who cannot handle lactose. Just Goodness uses nuts or nut milks in some flavors. Ingredients are sourced from organic stores and other groceries so there is a chance some ingredients have been processed in facilities that also process wheat or nuts. If you have questions, please contact Just Goodness via the email contact form and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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